Hello teachers! Here at Scope HQ, we are always asking ourselves how we can best support you in your classroom: What problems can we help you solve? What challenges can we help you overcome? How can we help make your days more joyful?

Thomas Jefferson was obsessed with woolly mammoths, Ulysses S. Grant had a need for speed, and George Washington had a soft spot for stray dogs.

Jennifer Stahl loves to get her students up and out of their chairs as often as possible. So she has her students practice persuasive writing by creating skits. It's totally genius!

For each issue of the magazine, Scopes Contest Coordinator McKenzie Schwark chooses one winning contest entry to celebrate here on the Scope Ideabook.

We were transported to another time as we put together Scope's March 2018 nonfiction feature, “Blood, Smoke, and Freedom,” the incredible story of Joseph Plumb Martin's life as teenage soldier in the American Revolution. We’ve collected a few of our favorite resources for your students to explore after they read the article.

Looking for a fun and engaging reading activity for your reluctant readers? Scope teacher advisor and Scholastic Top Teacher Blogger Mary Blow has just the thing!