Hello teachers! Here at Scope HQ, we are always asking ourselves how we can best support you in your classroom: What problems can we help you solve? What challenges can we help you overcome? How can we help make your days more joyful?

This year, Scope's word of the year is courage. To inspire myself and my team, I put together a courage quote board. You might enjoy doing something similar in your classroom.

We can't wait for this incredible article to arrive in your classroom. In "Our World Turned to Water," Scope's October narrative nonfiction, author Lauren Tarshis tells the story of the devastating Louisiana Flood of 2016.

We're making this year the Year of Courage. Summoning courage can be a tough thing, but my hope is that the stories in Scope will help your students understand that courage comes in many forms.

Last spring, a teacher wrote to me asking for more diverse types of culminating activities to go with our articles—ideas that go beyond the kinds of writing expected of students on standardized tests. She was looking for ideas that would allow for more creativity while still fostering deep text analysis and critical thinking. My immediate reaction to her request? YES! YES! YES! 

You'll love this inference activity. It's the perfect summer school refresher!