Infographics: Quick, Easy, and Totally Delightful

Infographics are an important tool for presenting facts, figures, and concepts. Kids encounter these “visual texts” in books and magazines, online, on tests—and on the back page of Scope, of course!

Here is our guide for how to use any Scope infographic. 


What you’ll need:

Key skills:
summarizing, interpreting visual text, central ideas and details, argument writing

Time: one class period


1. Prepare to Read 
Give students one minute to preview the infographic. Then ask: What is the topic of this infographic? 


2. Read the Infographic 
Divide students into groups to read and study the infographic. Each group should then discuss what they find interesting or surprising. 


3. Prepare to Write

  • Reconvene as a class. Have a volunteer read aloud the writing prompt at the bottom of the page. Brainstorm examples of central ideas (or central claims) that could be used. 
  • Distribute the guided writing activity sheet, Turning an Infographic Into an Essay. Have students work individually or in small groups to complete the activity up to the point where they write their first draft.



4. Model the Text
Optional: If your students need additional support, project the annotated model text and review together.


5. Write
Students should follow the guidelines on the activity sheet to write and edit their essays. 

6. Enter the Contest
Have students submit their essays to our contest. You can find contest entry forms, instructions on how to submit, contest rules, and more on the Scope Contest Page. Winning students will receive a $25 Visa gift card and their entries will be published online.


Download a PDF of this lesson plan here

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