Build Strong Analytical Readers with the Core Skills Workout


The Core Skills Workout is a collection of eight skill-based activities that come with every issue, designed to help your students "bulk up" in the skills they need most to become strong, analytical readers.

If you haven't had a chance to check them out, now is the perfect time! We offer this collection of activities in addition to the quizzes, vocabulary, and other support materials that come with each issue.


You can find the Core Skills Workout activities at Scope Online on the article pages or on the Core Skills page. We recommend that you use them with every issue.


The Workout covers . . .


Making inferences

Text evidence

Central ideas and details

Text features

Text structures




The Core Skills Workout is perfect for your classroom because . . .

1. It works with your scope and sequence.

As skills arise in your scope and sequence, you can choose the Core Skill activity that supports your teaching goals.

2. It's a great reinforcement tool.

Do the Workout with each issue—to reinforce the skills students have learned or to help students who need extra practice in a particular area.

3. It's ready for differentiation.

Most Core Skills Workout activities are offered on two levels. For example:     


In addition to the eight Workout activities, you also get . . .

1. Ready-to-go reference materials

A reference sheet is available for each of the eight skills covered in the Workout. Project the reference sheets on your whiteboard, upload them to Google Classroom, or print them for students to keep in their binders. Download them here or find them on the Core Skills page.


2. An easy way to put it all together

Our Read, Think, Explain activity (available on two levels) combines all eight skills in one tidy guided-reading activity. It comes with every nonfiction feature. We recommend you project it on your whiteboard and work through it as a class.


Answers to all activities can be found in the answer key.


Have a great workout!

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