The Short Read: Great for Test Readiness!

Some of the best features in Scope began with input from YOU. Many of you asked to us to create a short nonfiction text that can be completed in one period. So that is exactly what we've created: the Short Read!


The Short Read is a short informational text that can be done in just one period. And it's perfect for practicing constructed-response questions.

Here is how we recommend you use it:

  1. Preview the vocabulary.
  2. Read the article as a class.
  3. Have students work in small groups to complete the activity at the end of the article. They will write a claim, find a piece of text evidence, and explain why that evidence supports their claim.
  4. If you want to go deeper, project the reference handout and review as a class. Then have students work on their own or in groups to complete the self-guided writing activity, which guides students through the process of answering a constructed-response question.
  5. Have students use their completed activities to craft their own constructed responses.


PLUS! Each short read comes with a quiz (on two levels) as well as audio recordings of the article and the vocabulary words and definitions.

TIP: Use the Short Read as a "Do Now" bell-ringer activity.


Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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