Introducing the New Short Read: Great for test readiness!

Some of the best features in Scope began with input from YOU. And over the past few months, many of you have written to us asking for a short nonfiction text that can be completed in one period. So that is exactly what we've created: the Short Read!


The Short Read, which makes its debut in the October issue, is a short informational text that can be done in just one period. And it's perfect for practicing constructed-response questions.

Here is how we recommend you use it:

  1. Preview the vocabulary.
  2. Read the article as a class.
  3. Have students work in small groups to complete the activity at the end of the article. They will write a claim, find a piece of text evidence, and explain why that evidence supports their claim.
  4. If you want to go deeper, project the reference handout and review as a class. Then have students work on their own or in groups to complete the self-guided writing activity, which guides students through the process of answering a constructed-response question.
  5. Have students use their completed activities to craft their own constructed responses.


PLUS! Each short read comes with a quiz on two levels as well as audio recordings of the article and the vocabulary words and definitions.

TIP: Use the Short Read as a "Do Now" bell-ringer activity.


Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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