Lower Lexile Articles: How To Use This Great Feature


Scope is now offering a lower-level version of our nonfiction feature with each issue of the magazine. Check out the lower level of "Black Sunday," the narrative nonfiction article in the March issue.

At 800-900 Lexile, these lower-level texts are ideal for your ELLs and struggling readers. We recommend you use the lower Lexile articles as a scaffold to prepare students to read the on-level texts (rather than as replacement texts). Have students read the lower-level Lexile version of an article a few days before you plan to do the on-level version in class. You can read it with them or have them read it in small groups, as homework, or with a reading teacher.

We also have several audio offerings for additional support. Students can listen to the vocabulary words and definitions while reading the handout. They can also listen to the audio version of the article while reading the on-level text.

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