What No One Knows About Scope Videos

by Allison Friedman and Mackenzie Carro


If there’s one online resource our teachers can’t get enough of, it’s videos. The most consistent piece of feedback we hear about them is “more, please!”

We’ve been working on Scope videos for 3 years now, and we can honestly say that we love producing them as much as you and your students love watching them. But believe it or not, putting together a 5-minute video is no small feat!

Here’s a quick glimpse at what went into the Behind the Scenes video for Scope's March 2017 nonfiction feature article, “Black Sunday”:

2: The number of weeks it took to make the video, from beginning to end

4: The number of times we edited the script before we were happy with it

6: The number of video drafts our incredibly talented (and patient!) video editor, Seth Stein, put together before we settled on the final one

30: The approximate number of snacks we consumed while working on this video (and that’s a conservative estimate!)

100: The number of dust storm photos we combed through before finding this perfect image:


400: The number of photos and video clips our eagle-eyed photo team gathered for us to look at

1,550: The number of times the video has been viewed so far!



Do you have any suggestions for future Scope videos? Let us know in the comments below!







Mackenzie Carro is an Associate Editor at Scope






Allison Friedman is the Associate Editor at Storyworks

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