Six Test-Readiness Activities You'll Love (Really!)

Adee Braun


It's testing season, and we know you are probably working to get your students confident and ready for assessments. Scope has you covered! Check out six of our test-readiness faves below.


1. Build Confidence

The activity: a gallery walk to build test-taking confidence

The skills: academic terms, inference, text structure, author's purpose, point of view


This gallery walk activity from 6th-grade teacher Mary Blow familiarizes students with the challenging language they will encounter on high-stakes tests, reinforces key skills, and builds testing confidence. 


2. Review Using Text Evidence

The activity: a writing strategy for incorporating text evidence into short answers

The skills: text evidence, key ideas and details, analyzing, synthesizing


This writing strategy provides students with lots of practice identifying text evidence to support a claim and then weaving that evidence into a clear response.


3. Reinforce Key Skills

The activity: use our teacher-tested Core Skills workout to reinforce the most important reading skills 

The skills: summarizing, making inferences, using text evidence, identifying central ideas and details, analyzying text features, identifying text structures, exploring mood, understanding tone


This collection of eight skill-based activities that comes with every issue of Scope is designed to help students "bulk up" in the skills they need most for succeeding on assessments and beyond.


4. Practice Writing Constructed Responses

The activity: modeling constructed response answers

The skills: writing a topic sentence, supporting a claim, integreating text evidence, organizing ideas



This great teacher tip uses the robust Scope answer key as a model for answering constructed-response (AKA short answer) questions.


5. Review Academic Terms

The resource: a glossary of academic terms

The skill: understanding academic terms


This wonderful glossary is a great for reviewing the academic terms students will encounter on assessments.


6. Mastering Informational Text

The resource: an informational text and constructed-response question 

The skills: constructed response, text evidence, supporting a claim 


This short informational text and the accompanying constructed-response question mimic those that students will encounter on assessments and is perfect for test readiness. And the Short Write Kit guides students through writing the constructed response.


Have a great test-readiness idea of your own? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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