Extension Activity: Helmet Safety PSA

We were moved and inspired by Nick Ventura's story of grit and triumph after suffering a traumatic brain injury (Scope's May 2017 narrative nonfiction), and we think that your students will be as well. After reading the article, use the essential questions below to kick off a class discussion. Then break students into groups to create their own PSAs about helmet safety.


Essential Questions: 

  • Why is it important to wear a helmet?
  • How do people recover from serious injuries?
  • What is grit?


Create a PSA about Traumatic Brain Injuries

1. As a class, explore the CDC’s HEADS UP campaign website to learn more about traumatic brain injuries and sports safety. You’ll find fact sheets, infographics, personal stories, and videos. Here are some resources from the site that we think students will find especially useful:

Concussions explained

Concussion symptoms

Helmut safety facts and video

2. Divide students into groups and have them create PSAs about the importance of wearing a helmet while participating in sports. Students can draw on information from the article, the resources above, and their own research. The PSAs can be in the form of a poster, video, or PowerPoint presentation, and should include information about what traumatic brain injuries are, why it’s important to wear a helmet, and how to ensure you are wearing the right helmet for your sport.


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