5 Scope Contest Entries We Love
(And so Will You)

Nicholas P.

Every issue of Scope includes several opportunities for students to enter contests and win great prizes. (Check out our current contests here.) We are always blown away by the creativity and talent of our readers. Here are just a few of our favorite winning entries to contests that have appeared in Scope throughout the year. You can download all of the entries below and use them as models with your students next year. Enjoy!


Gave Us the Chills

Evan A., Grade 6
Central Intermediate School in Washington, IL

"They're everywhere . . . and they're coming to get us!!" Evan's heart-pounding horror movie trailer for the Handwashing Contest is both dramatic and informative, with lots of great tips on how to wash your hands the right way to get rid of germs.


Made Us Think

Ava P., Grade 7
Kingsway Regional Middle School in Woolwich, NJ

Ava’s essay on superheroes for the Heroes Contest features a vivid and gripping introduction and a well-constructed argument about why superheroes don’t have to have super powers—they can be everyday people like firefighters and friends.



Filled Us with Delight

Nicholas P., Grade 7
Springboro Jr. High School in Springboro, OH

Nicholas's slideshow for the Phone Manners Contest is one of the most creative visual presentations we saw all year. His scenarios of rude phone behavior are funny and oh-so-true to life!

Nicholas P.


Inspired Us

Jada K., Grade 7
Kendrick Middle School in Jonesboro, MS

We just love this beautiful poem that Jada wrote for the Rachel Carson Contest. It's both lyrical and persuasive—making the case that Rachel Carson's legacy should be honored by an official holiday in her name.



Made Us Feel Like We Were Right There

Lily A., Grade 7
Las Vegas Day School in Las Vegas, NV

Lily's descriptive writing passage for the Piper Contest is so vivid and inventive. We were especially delighted by her creative description of Piper's tongue as "rough as sandpaper and as pink as frosting on a little girl’s birthday cake." So great!










Vivienne Chen Scope's contest judge and intern.


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