Sneak Peek! 4 Stories We're Working on for Next Year

Kristin Lewis



The fall may seem like miles away, but here at Scope, we're already busy cooking up all sorts of stories for you and your students. Here are just four of the many stories we're so excited about sharing with you next year. Check back in each week for another “Tuesday Teaser” of Scope stories in 2017-2018.


#1 Paired Texts: "Smile!"


In this paired texts package, we explore the fascinating (and slightly gross) story of dentistry—past and present. Fun fact: In ancient times, people believed cavities were caused by worms. Ew!



#2 Debate: "Should You Ditch Your Smartphone?"


A growing number of kids and adults are choosing to use flip phones instead of smartphones. This debate is sure to spark lively discussion in your classroom.



#3 Narrative Nonfiction: "We Escaped a War Zone"

Associated Press

This powerful nonfiction article tells the incredible story of two brothers who escaped war-torn Syria to build a new life in America.


#4 History Play: Army of Two


Your students will learn the amazing true story of two girls in Scituate, Massachusetts (shown above), who tricked the British Navy and saved their town during the War of 1812.


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