From War to America: Two Brothers' Incredible True Story

In the September issue of Scope, you and your students will meet two remarkable brothers: Francois and Cedric Jacob. In a lot of ways, they are just ordinary teens—they like hanging out, playing video games, going to school. But Francois and Cedric are also refugees. "From War to America" tells the incredible true story of their journey from war-torn Syria to Nutley, New Jersey.

Here's a preview:

"Wake up! Wake up!” Fifteen-year-old Francois Jacob was jolted awake by his mother’s urgent voice. It was a hot September night in 2012, and a war plane had just dropped a bomb near their home in Aleppo, Syria. The sound of gunfire echoed through the apartment where Francois lived with his parents and younger brother, Cedric. A fierce battle was raging in the streets below. And now they were trapped.

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