A Bell-Ringer Activity to Inspire Courage

Kristin Lewis

Hi teachers,


Every year, the Scope team chooses a word of the year. The idea is that this word will guide our story selection, our conversations, and perhaps even our lives.

This year, the word is courage. Courage takes many forms, and you will find a number of stories that can be explored through the lens of courage in each issue of Scope.

To inspire myself and my team, I put together a courage quote board. You might enjoy creating something similar for your classroom using the quotes below or others that you find yourself. To use the quotes in a bell ringer or do-now, have each student choose one quote and write one to three sentences explaining why he or she agrees or disagrees with it.


Click on each image to download and print, then display them in your classroom.










I find these quotes remind me to be brave, that it’s OK to be a little bit afraid, and that each of us has the potential for greatness. I hope they inspire you and your students too. Please share what inspires you to be courageous in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!




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Hello, first of all let me tell you that I am a HUGE fan of Scope! I think that an organizing theme for the year is great, and I love the above quotes. I would love to be able to print them out, and I am sure that many other teachers would too. Is there any way that you could make them available to us in a printable format? If you have already done so, and I have missed it, my apologies! Thank you!

We're thrilled to hear you're a Scope fan! The quotes are now downloadable so you can print them and display them in your classroom. Feel free to send us some photos when you do! scopeideabook@scholastic.com

My 7th graders are off and running with the question, "What is the Nature of Courage?" Your timing is always right on cue. Thank you for consistently delivering the best teaching materials!

Thank you so much for making the posters available. I love them. I am always looking for quotes to inspire my students.

Thanks for the great collection of courage quotes, I will use them for my "Thoughtful Thursdays
Do Now" where I do something similar with my students. I have them write a paragraph based on up to 3 quotes. I give them 3 and they can choose which 1 or ones they want to use (this way it is self-differentiating; students who see a connection between the quotes can incorporate more into their writing) and they write a paragraph about the quote's meaning and connections they can make to it. Once in a while, however, instead of giving them a quote, I give them a theme and it is their turn to come up with their own original quote using figurative language (Similies work great for this). Courage would be a great theme for them to come up with their own quotes to express what it means to them. This time around, I think I will have the use online software to make posters to add to the collection that you've started for us. Thanks for the continual inspiration in the classroom.