This New Offering Is EPIC

Kristin Lewis

Last spring, a teacher wrote to me asking for more diverse types of culminating activities to go with our articles—ideas that go beyond the kinds of writing expected of students on standardized tests. She was looking for ideas that would allow for more creativity while still fostering deep text analysis and critical thinking.

My immediate reaction to her request? YES! YES! YES! 

Our team spent much of July thinking and exploring and researching. The result? A new offering in our teacher's guide that I couldn't be more excited about. It's called Differentiate and Customize. You'll find great ideas for all your learners plus a few gems to use if you want to go deeper.

Differentiate and Customize appears in each lesson plan and features four different culminating activities for you and your students.


Check out some of the new Differentiate and Customize ideas in the September Teacher's Guide:


Narrative nonfiction: "From War to America"



Play: Hercules the Mighty



Paired Texts: "The Amazing History of Dogs"


What should we work on next? Tell us in the comments below!


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