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By now, we hope you and your students have read the powerful nonfiction feature from the September issue of Scope, "From War to America," and watched the accompanying video. Together, they tell the story of two brothers who escape war-torn Syria to start a new life in America.

After working on the article and video, we started reading an incredible new novel called Refugee by Alan Gratz. Refugee follows three children from three different periods of history who are forced to become refugees. All face heart-stopping challenges and harrowing dangers as they seek a place for themselves and their families to live in peace.

We're giving away five signed copies of Refugee because we think it is a deeply important, meaningful, and timely book. Enter to win here.


Enter to Win Refugee by Alan Gratz


Connecting to the Novel
We also think Refugee pairs well with "From War to America." Here are some guiding questions you can use in your classroom to connect the book with the article.

  • What kinds of historical situations lead people to become refugees?
  • How does becoming a refugee change the lives of the children in the novel Refugee?
  • How does becoming a refugee change the lives of Francois and Cedric in the article "From War to America"?
  • What challenges do the main characters in Refugee face? How are they similar to the challenges Francois and Cedric face? How are they different?


Additional Resources


If you use Refugee in your classroom along with "From War to America," let us know how it goes by leaving a comment below.

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