A Must-Read Article on the Value of Failure (and a Bonus Slideshow!)

Kristin Lewis

Welcome back teachers!

I hope you and your students are enjoying the September issue of Scope as much as I am. There are so many stories I love in the issue, but one of my favorites is the Short Read: “They Failed. (And So Can You.)”

The story explores the importance of experiencing failure and how it can help us succeed. It’s about having the courage to make mistakes—and to learn from them. At the start of the year, I can’t think of a more important message for all of us. And after hearing from Scope's teacher advisors about how important this topic is for their middle school students, I’m even more excited to share it with you. I especially adore this extension idea from teacher-advisor Mary Blow:

This is perfect to start the year. You can brainstorm the traits of successful people when you finish and create goals for the year.
—Mary Blow, 6th-grade ELA teacher

And don’t miss the suite of support materials, including a delightful "Famous Fails" slideshow, in which four accomplished adults (including our very own Lauren Tarshis!) share the mistakes that mattered most to them.

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