5 Fab Ways Teachers Are Using Scope Right Now

Kristin Lewis
Jennifer Stahl


Hi teachers!

It's such a joy to scroll through Twitter and see photos of you and your students in action. From colorful sticky-note museums and creative posters to dramatic classroom performances of plays, your creativity and passion is inspiring! Here are some of my recent favorites.

Keep sharing!

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A Critical-Thinking Poster Museum

Jennifer Stahl gets her students up and moving to create a "Poster Museum." Students use sticky notes to reply to critical-thinking questions about Scope's nonfiction article "From War to America." Check out Jennifer's step-by-step lesson plan here



Posters to Inspire Courage

Here at Scope, we're making this the year of courage. So we love that Scope teacher-advisor Tony Wilson had his students create courage-themed posters to hang around the school. Check out other courage poster ideas for your classroom here.



Exploring Character with a Scope Play

Elizabeth Raff's class explores character by getting into character while reading Scope's play Hercules the Mighty.



Video-Discussion Questions

Teresa Gross has her students answer questions before and after watching Scope's behind the scenes video for "From War to America."

video discussion questions


A Writing Strategy for Constructed Response

Jennifer Stahl uses this writing strategy with her students to practice answering constructed response questions about Scope's food waste story "This Apple Could Have Been Saved."

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