Our New Exploring Genre Activity Is out of This World! 

Check out our new sparkling star of a genre activity! 


What is it?

Exploring Genre is a delightful activity that helps students analyze a Scope story through the lens of genre. Pop it up on your whiteboard for students to complete together and enjoy the conversations that will follow. 


What’s in it?

Exploring Genre begins with a hunt for the genre-defining characteristics of a Scope story. Students are then prompted to think of other works of literature as well as movies and TV shows that belong to the same genre. The activity culminates in a higher-level thinking question that relates to a common theme in that genre. 


Why do we love it?

Exploring a text through the lens of genre leads to an exploration of many aspects of that text—character, setting, mood, plot, theme, and so on. Familiarity with the characteristics of a particular genre can also give students a "way in" to other texts belonging to that genre.


Ready to try the Exploring Genre activity in your classroom? Find it here! The activity goes with Scope's November sci-fi fiction story "What We Saw."


Exploring Genre one of a handful of new activities we’ve created recently, including the Character Thinking Tool and the Theme Anticipation Guide.

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