Drumroll Please:

The NEW Lazy Editor is Here!

The Lazy Editor has had a makeover! It can now be used as a mentor text for learning grammar and editing skills.


What’s in it?

The revised Lazy Editor features the same short, fascinating articles that you and you students know and love (like the this one about the ancient curse of a Hawaiian volcano). Now, though, that article contains mentor sentences for students to analyze. Here's how it works: After students read the article, they follow the prompts in the "Help the Lazy Editor" box to find sentences within the text that highlight the featured grammar skill. (In the December/January Lazy Editor, the featured skill is how to use possessives, so students comb through the article for apostrophes.) Students then write a few grammar rules based on their observations. Next, students apply the rules to correct errors in the last paragraph of the article. Lastly, students apply the featured skill to their own writing.


Why do we love it?

  • It takes grammar out of isolation and puts it into meaningful context.
  • It enables you to incorporate mentor sentences and student writing into grammar instruction.
  • It helps students recognize, discuss, and emulate great sentences.
  • It equips students with strategies for revising and editing that they can immediately apply to their own writing.
  • It provides you with targeted lessons to address problem areas you’re seeing in student writing. 
  • It lets you review and spiral grammar instruction throughout the year with ease.
  • It doesn’t smell like grammar!


The Lazy Editor can be found in every issue of Scope. You can complete it as a stand-alone exercise or use it as a targeted mini-lesson to kick off a writing workshop.


Ready to try The Lazy Editor activity in your classroom? Find it here! For additional practice with each issue’s featured skill, check out the new Grammar Scavenger Hunt at Scope Online. In this activity, students mine articles throughout the magazine for mentor sentences highlighting the featured skill.

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