3 Fascinating Resources About the Darvaza Crater

Daniel Kreher/Getty Images

Are your students as fascinated by the Darvaza gas crater as we are? Why wouldn't they be? It's a giant sinkhole that’s been ablaze for 50 years! Here are some ways that students can further explore this amazing place after they read Scope's short text about the crater.


For all students



For students who want to know more about the Darvaza crater and another underground fire


Watch this fascinating short video, which explains the history and science behind the Darvaza gas crater.



Read this Guardian article about a scientist who was the first person to explore the Darvaza gas crater. The article includes incredible photos of his journey.    

Ferex/Associated Press



Explore another long-burning fire in this Popular Science article about the town of Centralia, Pennsylvania, where an underground coal fire has been burning since 1962.

Don Emmert/Getty Images


For students who want to do more descriptive writing

Show this mesmerizing video of an extreme snowboarder barreling down a snowy mountain, then have students write a descriptive paragraph about the scene. Challenge students to drop their readers into the scene by using vivid language, sensory details, similes, metaphors, personification, and onomatopoeia.



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