I Love How These Teachers Are Using Scope (And You Will Too)

Kristin Lewis

Ashley Zielewicz


Dear teachers,


Over the past few months, many of you on Twitter have shared the ingenious, creative, and all-around cool ways that you have been using Scope in your classrooms. I couldn't keep these excellent ideas to myself, so I'm sharing a few of my favorites here. Enjoy!


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Using Nonfiction to Write Poetry

Margaret Simon's class used the Scope nonfiction feature The Shattered Sky about the devastating explosion in Halifax Harbor in 1917 to create found poems. Margaret explains how she did the activity and posts some lovely examples of her students' poems on her blog.


Making Homemade Escape Tools

After reading the Scope play "Escape From Alcatraz," the resourceful students in Ashley Zielewicz's class used everyday classroom objects to create their own tools for digging their way out of the notorious prison.



Previewing an Issue of Scope

After she realized that many of her students did not know how to preview a text, Teresa Gross created a cool strategy for previewing an issue of Scope. Read how she did it on her blog.


Staging a Play

Want to bring a Scope play to life in your classroom? Try creating separate areas for each location like this class did for their reading of The Fight for What's Right.


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