The Most Adorable Exit Ticket Ever

San Francisco International Airport

We are serious animal lovers here at Scope, so it is no surprise that writing February’s Lazy Editor brought us much joy (and ooooing and awwwwwing).

In this article, students learn about LiLou the pig, an adorably costumed therapy animal who eases travelers’ anxiety at San Francisco International Airport. After reading, students analyze mentor sentences and edit one paragraph of the article using rules they created for punctuating lists. We recommend you end the class with the following warm-and-fuzzy exit ticket.


Therapy animals exit ticket:
1. Watch these two stress-be-gone videos.

Adorable miniature therapy horses bring comfort and joy to kids and adults alike.


Playful golden retrievers help stressed-out travelers at the Mumbai international airport.


2. Using information from the article and both videos, explain in one paragraph how therapy animals can benefit humans. Include at least one list of three items and one list of two items and punctuate them properly.

For students needing additional practice punctuating lists, check out these activities:

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