Meet our Spotlight Contest Winner!



We get so many wonderful entries to our student writing contests! As Scopes Contest Coordinator, I get to choose one winning contest entry to celebrate here on the Scope Ideabook. We hope that sharing these entries will encourage your students to enter future contests and provide them with some helpful examples of successful entries.


Meet October's Spotlight Winner: Adrian C!

For the Life Story Contest (October 2017) students were asked to create a timeline displaying the life of someone or something they found interesting. Adrian’s slideshow timeline caught my eye right away. The subject was unique: the life of a human-like robot named Asimo. Each slide detailed an important milestone in Asimo's "life," as engineers created versions of Aimso with more and more human-like features, such as the ability to walk up stairs, the addition of an upper body, and the capacity to carry objects. Adrian even considered what the Asimo of the future might be able to do—greet aliens and show them around Earth!

Adrian's winning entry was creative, clearly presented, and well-researched. I had never heard of Asimo before, and by the end of Adrian’s slideshow, I felt like I really understood Asimo’s life and was excited for his future!



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