Don’t Miss This Fantastic Video About the 1960s

The May 2018 issue of Scope features A Walk on the Moon, a heartwarming play about a young girl’s experience of the 1969 moon landing. We’ve paired the play with a primary document: a letter about the moon landing written by a serviceman in Vietnam.

A Great Pre-Reading Comprehension Strategy
Before reading the texts with your class, be sure to watch the video "Time Machine: The 1960s." From its portrayals of 1960s fashion and music to its information about the decade's new ideas, courageous leaders, and conflicts at home and abroad, this video is hands down one of my favorites of the year. It serves as an incredible pre-reading comprehension tool, immersing your students in the sights and sounds of 1960s America and providing historical context for understanding the play and letter. And the video discussion questions are a great way to help students synthesize information from the video and the play.

Before I came to work at Scope, I taught 7th grade in North Carolina. And after I watched the final cut of the video with the Scope team, the voice of a dear student, William, immediately popped into my head. He would be overflowing with fascination and curiosity after viewing some of the incredible people, places, and events of this turbulent decade. I can just hear him speaking fast and furiously: “Ms. Salisbury, we should each pick something different from the video and then conduct a research project on our topic and then share them with each other!!!”

I know your students are going to be excited too!

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