Meet Scope's Contest Winner: Anna J.!


We get so many wonderful entries to our student writing contests! As Scopes Contest Coordinator, I get to choose one winning contest entry each month to celebrate here on the Scope Ideabook. I hope that sharing these entries with your students will encourage them to enter future contests and provide them with some helpful examples of successful entries.


Meet Scope's February 2018 Spotlight Winner: Anna J.!

Scopes February nonfiction feature “Escape From Slavery” is the incredible story of Harriet Tubman. For this contest, students were asked to write an essay considering Harriet Tubman’s legacy. Anna’s essay pulled me in right away with a well-crafted introduction. The essay was well organized and I could easily follow Anna’s argument as she examined the ways Harriet Tubman’s legacy lives on today. Anna also did a great job explaining how Harriet Tubman’s work paved the way for the Black Lives Matter movement and even the Black Panther movie. Nice work Anna!


One of Your Students Could Be the Next Winner!
Don’t forget to have your students enter next month’s contests. One of them could be our next Spotlight Winner! To discover current Scope contests and great prizes, click here. And go here for a list of helpful contest tips.


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