Student Writer Spotlight: Claire

Anna Starecheski


We get so many wonderful entries to our student writing contests! While its always hard to pick, we choose one winning entry each month to celebrate here on the Scope Ideabook. We hope that sharing these entries with your students will encourage them to enter future contests and provide them with some helpful examples of successful entries.


Meet Scope's May 2018 Spotlight Winner: Claire A.!

In the May issue of Scope, we featured an original poem written by Rebecca Kai Dotlich inspired by the Scope play about the 1969 moon landing. For the You Write It contest, we asked students to write a poem inspired by any story in Scope from 2017-2018. We were blown away by the incredible poems that we received! This month’s spotlight winner is Claire, who wrote a poem in response to the May 2018 Paired Texts about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Claire’s poem uses a sophisticated structure and repeated words to create a sense of urgency and drive home the importance of clean water. We love the visual layout of the poem and are moved by the poem's message. Well done, Claire!


One of Your Students Could Be the Next Winner!
Dont forget to have your students enter next years contests. One of them could be our next Spotlight Winner! To discover more about Scope contests and prizes, click here. And go here for a list of helpful contest tips.


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