If there’s one online resource our teachers can’t get enough of, it’s videos. The most consistent piece of feedback we hear about them is “more, please!” Here’s a quick glimpse at what went into the Behind the Scenes video for Scope's March 2017 nonfiction feature article, “Black Sunday.”

Scope is now offering a lower-level version of our nonfiction feature with each issue of the magazine. At 800-900 Lexile, these lower-level texts are ideal for your ELLs and struggling readers.

We can't wait for your students to try this delightful vocabulary activity. Your students practice new words they have learned in a Scope article by applying them to book titles. Super creative and fun!

Nothing bring us more joy than when a teacher tells us her students read a story in Scope and were inspired to take action. So imagine our excitement when we heard about 6th-grade teacher Angel Barnsback's fabulous awareness campaign project! Read about what Angel's class did, and then scroll down to read Angel's lesson plan which you can use in your own classroom for any global issue that your students are passionate about.


The entries are pouring in for Scope's very first Write-a-Story contest, in which your students write a short story using a first line by Lisa Yee. If your students haven't entered yet, they still have time—but not much. The deadline is March 10th.

6th-grade teacher Mary Blow shares her excellent gallery walk activity, which familiarizes students with the challenging language they will encounter on high-stakes tests, reinforces key skills, and builds testing confidence.