You'll love this inference activity. It's the perfect summer school refresher!


We are so excited for your students to read the debate in the April issue of Scope: "Should the School Day Be Longer?" We know your students will have some very strong opinions on this topic! To better inform their positions, we've curated a list of additional resources.

As a Professional Learning Community (PLC) team leader and a 6th-grade English teacher, Jim Meininger (who is also a Scope advisor) had been using Scope quizzes to practice constructed-response questions all year. In January, his students were still making many of the same mistakes they'd been making in September. So Jim and his PLC colleagues decided to unify their teaching across the grade to identify any instructional weaknesses, and help students improve their constructed responses. Here's how they did it.

We often hear from teachers that finding and using text evidence is one of the most challenging skills for students to master. That's why we are so excited about our teacher-tested Core Skill Activity: Using Text Evidence. (And we hope that you will be too!)

It's testing season, and Scope has you covered! Check out six of our test-readiness faves.

We are delighted by the way 6th-grade teacher and Scope advisor Kathy Walseman uses the Scope answer key to model constructed response!