We are giving away a collection of our favorite summer books! One lucky teacher will win all five of these fabulous books, which were hand-selected by Scope editors and teacher advisors.

This September, you and your students will read a short fiction story in Scope that is one of our absolute favorites: "Into the Storm" by Eleanora E. Tate. It's about a boy who becomes an unlikely hero and it explores ideas that will resonate with your students: feeling like an outsider, being teased, and above all, learning to be proud of who you are.

We received nearly 2,000 entries to Scope's first Write-a-Story fiction contest. After many months of reading every single incredible story, we are thrilled to announce a winner!

We can't wait for you and your students to read this bite-sized nonfiction text that explores the value of failure and how failing can actually help you succeed.

Get ready to discover everything you and your students ever wanted to know about dogs! In our September paired texts, we explore where dogs came from and how the relationship between dogs and humans has changed over many thousands of years. Great content-area connections to science and social studies!

You might think that flip phones are so 2002, but this technology is actually enjoying a comeback! Today, more and more people are ditching their smartphones and getting flip phones instead. In our upcoming September debate, your students will read about the debate over smartphones versus flip phones, then write an argument essay using our guided writing essay kit.