We don't like to play favorites, but the editors of Scope do like to choose one story, article, or activity from each issue of the magazine and share why we find it meaningful. Here are our top picks for the May 2018 issue of Scope.

Before reading the Scope play about the 1969 moon landing with your class, be sure to watch the video "Time Machine: The 1960s." From its portrayals of fashion and music to its information about the decade's new ideas, courageous leaders, and conflicts at home and abroad, this video is hands down one of my favorites of the year.

We can’t wait for your students to read Scope’s May 2018 paired texts, “What If This Was Your Water?” and “Little Miss Flint.” These texts take a powerful look at the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan. We’ve also collected four engaging resources for your students to explore after they read both texts.

The May 2018 issue of Scope features A Walk on the Moon, a heartwarming play about a young girl’s experience of the 1969 moon landing. We’ve paired the play with a letter about the moon landing from a soldier in Vietnam. After reading both texts with your class, explore the awe-inspiring resources that we’ve put together for you here.

We can’t wait for you and your students to pick up the May issue of Scope and read about 11-year-old Abbie Wallace, who, like a growing number of kids around the country, is saying no to birthday presents and asking friends to donate to charity instead.

Here at Scope, we go to great lengths to research each article and story in the magazine. And those journeys can take us down some rather unusual research paths—from tracking down a rare Revolutionary War diary to talking to a chef in England who specializes in making fish head pies. Here are some of the most bizarre and delightful things that the editors of Scope have done in the name of research.