Over the summer, we introduced you to one of the new kids on the Scope activity block, the Theme Anticipation Guide. Now, we’d like to introduce another one of our new literary elements activities, the Character Thinking Tool!

Scope's telling of the creepy classic The Monkey's Paw is a thrilling and mysterious play that your students are going to love!

It's such a joy to scroll through Twitter and see photos of you and your students in action. From colorful sticky-note museums and creative posters to dramatic classroom performances of plays, your creativity and passion is inspiring!

We had so much fun putting together the October 2017 paired text package about dentistry through the ages. We came across tons of great (and gross) information—and not everything made it into the article. So we've collected a few of our favorite resources here for your students to read and watch after they read the Scope article "The History of Teeth."

Here at Scope, we are OBSESSED with mentor sentences and how they can be used to develop students' grammar skills and writing confidence. In fact, we're cooking up a brand-new mentor-sentence activity right now!

What better way to start off October than with our delightfully creepy play based on W.W. Jacobs’s classic short story, The Monkey’s Paw? It’s full of rich description, figurative language, and chilling irony. And the best part? We have the perfect skills-based video to transform the play into a fantastic lesson on mood.