We can't wait for you and your students to read this bite-sized nonfiction text that explores the value of failure and how failing can actually help you succeed.

Get ready to discover everything you and your students ever wanted to know about dogs! In our September paired texts, we explore where dogs came from and how the relationship between dogs and humans has changed over many thousands of years. Great content-area connections to science and social studies!

You might think that flip phones are so 2002, but this technology is actually enjoying a comeback! Today, more and more people are ditching their smartphones and getting flip phones instead. In our upcoming September debate, your students will read about the debate over smartphones versus flip phones, then write an argument essay using our guided writing essay kit.

We are so excited about our Hercules play in the September 2017 issue of Scope. In our telling of this famous Greek myth, Hercules finds out what his true origin is, battles a nine-headed monster, and discovers what it really takes to be a hero.

Here are just a few of our favorite winning entries to the many contests that have appeared in Scope throughout the year.


The fall may seem like miles away, but here at Scope, we're already busy cooking up all sorts of stories for you and your students. Here are just four of the many stories we're so excited about sharing with you next year. Check back in each week for another “Tuesday Teaser” of Scope stories in 2017-2018.