Big News

The Instructional Language Your Students Need to Know


We've just finished putting the final touches on our newest glossary: academic terms!

This wonderful glossary is a great way to introduce your students to the instructional language they will encounter in activities, classroom discussions, and directions as well as on assessments.

There are lots of ways to use this glossary:

  • Project it on your whiteboard.
  • Upload it to Google Classroom.
  • Print it for students to keep in their binders.
  • Cut up the terms and use them as note cards.
  • Create posters to display around your classroom.



Find our other glossaries here.

The Scope Vocabulary Slideshow Is Here!

We have created a brand-new offering that we are totally obsessed with: a vocabulary slideshow!

It’s great for all your learners, but especially for auditory and visual learners, as well as your ELLs. You can use it on whiteboards, computers, laptops, and tablets. Be sure to do the interactive activity at the end—it's great for the whole class or small groups.

Tell us how YOU plan to use the slideshow in the comments below.


A Sneak Peek at Scope in 2016-2017!

Scope Sneak Peek screengrab


Hi Teachers!

Here at Scope HQ, we are deep into planning for next year. So check back soon to see all the new activities, article formats, and exciting stories that we’ll be bringing you. In the meantime, we’ve made this special sneak preview video to give you a glimpse of what’s in store. Have a look!

All my best,

A Fantastic Descriptive Writing Activity! 

Have you seen our “You Write It” activity? If not, you’re in for a treat. It’s all about descriptive writing, and we can’t wait for you to try it with your class.

Here’s the scoop: We give your students a paragraph full of weak descriptions. Your students must jazz up the writing with sensory details, figurative language, and powerful verbs and adjectives. The activity is scaffolded but leaves room for your students to be creative.   

As always, we’ve created a suite of support materials to help you—including a model text and a lower-level version of the activity. Find these materials and more at Scope Online.

As with so many aspects of Scope, the inspiration for this activity came from you! Many of you have written to us asking for additional support with descriptive writing. Thank you for reaching out. And keep the suggestions coming!