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Your Must-Have Inference Activity


We know your students can't get enough practice with inference. That's why we include an inference activity which every issue of Scope as part of the Core Skills Workout—a collection of eight skill-based activities designed to help students "bulk up" in the skills they need most to become strong, analytical readers.


You'll love this inference activity

In the May 2017 issue of Scope, don't miss the making inferences activity that goes along with the exciting play The Doomed Quest




Check out our inference handout

And don't miss the reference handout for more inference practice. You can find it and dozens of other fabulous handouts and use-it-anytime activities on everything from identifying mood to using text evidence in the Activity Library at Scope Online.

These activities are great test-readiness tools and provide a simple way to refresh key skills any time of year.

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TIP! After students complete the activity on the handout, have them work in groups to create their own questions, modeled on the questions in the activity. Then have students trade with their classmates.

Ready-to-Go Grammar


Looking for some stellar grammar activities for your students? We've got just the thing!


Here are Scope's 5 most popular grammar activities:

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1. Eliminating Extraneous Information


2. Sentence variation



3. Then vs. than


4. Rambling and run-on sentences


5. Subject-verb agreement


Looking for more grammar activities? Visit Scope Online.